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Welcome to Amusement-Park-Deals.com. The best place on the web for online codes and inexpensive deals. Below we will list some of the history of the park, gate prices for this year, and a review from a happy client who has used our discount tickets to save money. Stop breaking into the savings account to get that little extra cash, you already have enough as long as you follow the easy directions in our links.



2012 Admission Prices
Adult all day pass
Jr. all day pass
1 ticket- $1.25
25 tickets- $23.95 (BEST DEAL)
Adult Mini-Golf
Jr. Mini-Golf
20 pitches 8 tokens
150 pitches $12.95
250 pitches $19.95
Coupons available for above prices

These sets of theme parks are located in Victorville, Sacramento, and this location in Ontario, California. All are Scandinavian themed and adjacent to major freeways and easy to find; therefor the great deals can roll out. Other attractions include Arcades, Bumper Boats, Batting cages, Stockholm Raceway, and Mini-Golf. However this location in Ontario is the only one that has been transformed into a full size amusement park, and can afford to give out discount passes due to its popularity.

The park hosts 12 coaster type rides. The Little Screamer is one of the most used and biggest money making rides at the park. When you buy a pass for it you get a 2 for 1 ticket for the Scandia Screamer, a 170 foot-tall thrill ride. In March of 2007, local residents were complaining about the noise coming from the park and a "No-Shrieking" rule was added to appease the neighborhood residents. As a way to say sorry, Scandia Park gave discount tickets to all of them.

Of the 3 parks, this is definitely ranked highest on everyone’s books. I have not met a single person who liked the Ontario Park the best. The others are fun and cheap as well, but don’t have coaster type rides. Amusement-park-deals.com really helped with the price with your discount passes I ended up saving so much money. 10/10 on both!!!
-Skyler Martinez-